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Tips for Hiring a Shakopee Painting Contractor

There is no question that your house is your most valuable investment. Not only is it the most expensive investment that you will ever make, but it is where you put down roots, raise a family and make memories. When your home needs to be repainted, you should consider hiring a Shakopee Painting contractor to take on the task instead of doing it yourself. If you’ve never hired a painting contractor, here are some tips.

Get Referrals to Painting Companies

Ask family, neighbors or friends for referrals to a painting contractor, especially if they’ve recently had their home painted. When driving in your neighborhood, you may notice contractors at work or see a sign for a painter contractor in your neighbor’s yard.  Pay that neighbor a visit, ask how they liked their contractor, and find out if they would recommend those painters. You can also visit a paint store to get referrals to a good painting contractor.

Don’t Rush to Hire a Painter

Get at least three estimates on the project before hiring a painting contractor. If there are variances in the estimates, clarify what services are being offered and judge the estimate by what is, and what isn’t, being done. The estimates will normally be within a few dollars of each other.

Ask Questions

When you are considering a contractor, you will want to ask them some questions about their experience and how long they’ve been in business. Find out if they are licensed, bonded and insured. Don’t hire any Shakopee painting companies that don’t have the proper credentials. If the painters damage your home, or do a shoddy job, you could be left with the costs of fixing the damage and getting the paint job done correctly. Find out if they are members of any local or national associations within their industry.

Check Them Out

Ask the contractors for references from past customers. If they are reluctant or refuse to give you references, that is a red flag and you should move on to the next company. Most companies will gladly give you references and they might even have a portfolio of written letters from customers praising their work that they can share with you.

Do a Thorough Review

After deciding on a contractor, get a written contract and review it with the contractor. Make sure all the details are included in the contract before signing it and letting the project begin.